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Roger Federer destroys Nadal to win Wimbledon!

Awesome Federer was crowned Wimbledon champion for the fourth year running after he produced a scintillating performance in the men’s singles final, beating Rafael Nadal in four sets.

Easily the greatest tennis player to have ever played the game and more important, most beautiful game to watch, Federer now has nothing left to prove.

Rafal Nadal now knows what it’s like to play in Roger’s Kingdom!

The French Open final was much closer than this, proving Roger is miles ahead of any other player, including Nadal. People forget that the World’s no 2 clay court player is actually Roger Federer and not a clay court specialist! Its just a matter of “when” and not “if” Roger does a grand slam by winnign the French Open.

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3 Responses

  1. animagix says:

    Yes! the king reigns once again:) though i must say that nadal has also improved his game on grass, and he did give federer a hard time on the 2nd and 3rd sets… but then he lacked the midas touch! Would be awesome to see federer lift the cup at rolan garros next year! Nadal beware:)

  2. XFan says:

    It is so funny to bump at these kind of posts with at least one or two years of perspective that I know wonder who poses more of a threat to one other’s “kingdom”; Roger at the FO (butchered in the final by Nadal, getting worse year by year) or Rafa at Wimby (after last year epic five-setter)? That simply proves that these “predictions” made by “experts” are no better than those from laymen…

  3. Reem Saied says:

    Do read the latest post I wrote immediately after the French Open disaster 😉

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