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Mona Lisa Mystery Solved!

So it turns out to be the original suspect –  Lisa del Giocondo,  after all! What an anti-climax. Would have been good fun if it was Leonardo Da Vinci himself in drag or some hidden trick painting.

Mona Lisa

The irony is that the Louvre Museum in Paris has ALWAYS maintained the painting’s title as “Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo”. In other words, Miss Lisa del Giocondo… Duh!!!

Anyways, you can read the Reuters News report below:

German experts crack Mona Lisa smile

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4 Responses

  1. christihana says:

    im always asking anybody about the mystery and all about her life.confidently most of them told me that she had a special relationship with leonardo and shes pregnant when leonardo painted her.they told me that the mystery smile of her is caused by her sorrow(maybe because she had a diseased)they told me once that monalisa slept with a guys and most of them are always wake up at night because of her desease problem(snoring or grunting sound made during sleep)

  2. Mona Lisa says:

    Despite what seems to be clear-cut evidence chances are that the debate will continue. Personally I have found the mystery and theories to be quite entertaining.

    Great post


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