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India rattle Aussies in WACA, Perth

Australia were just blown apart by India in one of the greatest Test victories achieved by any subcontinental team…ever.

The only win better than this was the 2001 Calcutta “VVS” test.

The WACA in Perth is the world’s fastest and bounciest wicket and everyone thought that the Indian train will derail and crash out easily. But… Irfan Pathan, RP Singh and Ishan Sharma had a different script in their that swinged both ways with the Kookaburra ball.

The world’s supposedly best batsman, Ricky Ponting, was whittled out of the ground by 19yr old Sharma and made to look like an amateur. Ponting just couldn’t handle the pace, swing and bounce of Ishan.

The moral of the Perth Test is that if the umpires are fair, then Australia is NOT the best team in the world. Just like West Iindian batsman, Shiv Chanderpaul said, if even half of the close decisions were not given to Australia, they can be beaten by a good side. the problem, is 99% of all close decisions are awarded in Australia’s favour, and 99% of the half-chances too are awarded in Aus favour. No wonder they won 15 in a row. I don’t consider Sydney test as having “won”  by Australia as video evidence is available worldwide to prove umpires cheated against India.

If India win Adelaide, then I would consider India as having won the series 2-1.

Currently, its 1-1.


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