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"Names and attributes must be accommodated to the essence of things, and not the essence to the names, since things come first and names afterwards." – Galileo

Why so serious?

The Joker
Heath Ledger’s last performance may probably be his best. The Joker looks wicked in ‘The Dark Knight’ as compared to the slightly campy Jack Nicholson version.

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  1. George says:

    Who is that Joker in the picture? What actor was going to play the joker before?

  2. Reem Saied says:

    This was a warner bros “teaser” poster ….some say its “fan art” not so sure… was very popular a few mths before release of the “why so serious” viral campaign on the internet.

  3. Conrad Veidt says:

    This is a picture of Conrad Veidt from the motion picture Tha Man who Laughs from the 1920’s. It was Conrad Veidt’s smile that Bob Kane and Bill Finger use to create the Joker.

  4. Reem Saied says:

    Hey, thanks for that info. I always wondered who that guy was…
    Just wish Nolan somehow gets Johnny Depp for the Dark Knight sequel (not as Joker, but some other villain).
    No other actor can live up to the threshold Ledger created.

  5. tom says:

    Hey i agree on reem totally…i want johnny depp to be one of the villians for the next batman sequel.. i am thinking as the riddler…but just a thought…he would be a phenominal villian

  6. Reem Saied says:

    Hey Tom, am thinking of riddler…since a lot of focus was on Lucius Fox in Dark Knight…and riddler was a crazy scientist working in wayne labs in ‘Batman Forever’… But Nolan can surprise us by bringing a new villain. I just dont want introduction of “robin” or any female villains like “catwoman or poison ivy” ANYWHERE near this franchise.

  7. The Joker Anverse says:

    Christian Bale Sucks Like Bruce Wayne.
    Bruce wayne have Black hair!!! not Blondddd!!!
    Goerge Clooney is the most closer to be the Batman (again)

    Riddler = Jhonny Depp (fuck Jim Carey with all respect)
    Pinguin = Danny The Vito (Please again)
    Mr Freeze = Patrick Stewart Or Terry O’Quinn Orrr Vinnie Jones!
    (Schawarzznegger was the best Freeze Ever!)
    Catwoman = Jessica Alba
    Poison Ivy = Carmen Electra

    Robin = Milo Ventimiglia
    Batgirl = Evangeline Lilly Or Kristin Kreuk

  8. Reem Saied says:

    I think Johnny Depp as Riddler will be best bet

  9. LoryAnn says:

    Milo Ventimilia as robin?! that wouild be awsome!
    but, hes a little too old for that,:(

  10. Reem Saied says:

    dont think Robin will feature within “dark knight” series… in this version batman is all alone fighting evil

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