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Harbhajan Symonds Microphone Transcript

Below is the transcript of the recording from the Channel Nine stump microphone, which was used as evidence in Harbhajan’s appeal (in the Justice Hansen hearing):

Symonds walks towards Harbhajan at the end of an over and says something …(inaudible).

Symonds: “Go and yell at your teammates …. You called me monkey again.”

Matthew Hayden: “Twice. You’ve got a witness now champ.”

Hayden then walks towards Harbhajan.

Hayden: “That’s the last time.”

Harbhajan: “No listen he started it.”

Hayden: “Doesn’t matter mate, it’s racial vilification mate. It’s a shit word and you know it.”

Soon after, Michael Clarke approaches umpire Mark Benson.

Clarke: “It’s not the first time. He done it in India and got into strife. That’s the second time he’s done it.”

Ricky Ponting then walks up to Benson and gestures towards fellow umpire Steve Bucknor.

Ponting: “Go and tell him. Go and tell him straight away.”


After abusing cricket players worldwide for decades, they can’t take it. I think Harbhajan should’ve told in a press conference openly, “Yes, I called that idiotic Symonds a monkey.” After dishing out for years, why are the Aussies acting like weak kids? They can’t take a word like “monkey”????

I think after going through the above transcript, one thing’s for sure.. Ponting and his bunch of merry men really acted like school kids complaining to their class teacher!!! Are these the “tough World Champs”??? no way… Chimps? 😉 Maybe.

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13 Responses

  1. aniche says:

    Chimps 🙂 that’s true
    just have a look at all the sledging Aussies have involved themselves in. you can see it on youtube. McGrath has spat on a Windies player once. Slater has got a few inches from Dravid’s face and yelled at him after not walking off for a dirty catch from Slater.
    like ur blog tagline says nothing’s shocking i guess.

  2. JB says:

    It’s not good. But Harbhajan shouldn’t have said it. And the fact he got off is the joke.

    Look at any court and most of the things being heard are trivial.

  3. raydixon says:

    You’re condoniong racism, so you’re obviously in the wrong.

    By the way, call us ‘chimps’ if you like but I remind you of this:

    Series result, Australia 2 India 1.

    He who laughs last….

  4. Reem Saied says:

    To Ray,

    Nobody’s condoning any racism of any kind.

    First things first, if you have lived in India even for a couple of years, you will realize calling “you monkey” is so routine.. its like “you idiot”.
    Similar to how Aussies use the word “Bastard” (which is the ultimate insult for Indians and which Hogg admitted he used, and Indians WITHDREW their complaint).

    2nd, you will have to be terribly naive to ignore the years of racist abuse Australian players have heaped on all players, including British mixed origin players like Mark Ramprakash. He didn’t go running to teacher to complain. So I find it ridiculous that calling Symonds a “monkey” deserves a ban, when NONE OF THE AUSSIE players in HISTORY have got ANY BAN for their abuse.
    It just doesn’t add up.

    3rd, I agree with what Jeff Thomson said:
    “You should be able to sort that stuff out between yourselves. We have all been called names throughout our careers. Calling someone a monkey should be water off a duck’s back. It’s like schoolkids carrying on. If you can’t cop that over the years then there is not much hope for you. You have the option of saying to the bloke ‘come out the back of the building and I’ll show you who the f. . . . . . monkey is’. I just don’t see why you have to report these things to the umpire.”

    Here’s what other test greats have said:,23739,23026906-10389,00.html

    There is just NO WAY, a ban on Harbhajjan is justified by any stretch of imagination.

    I believe Ponting and men are a bunch of school kids who went to the umpire and complained because like any school bully, they can’t cop it when given back in their own way.

    p.s. The series is 1-1. The Sydney test win is a “manufactured” win by the geratric Bucknor and inept Benson. Nobody who watched it counts as an Aussie win.

  5. Reem Saied says:

    Jb, if you recall the incidents ANiche has mentioned above…you will realize Aussies have not got ANY ban for their acts.
    Compared to what abuse they heaped, Harbhajjan has to be let off, else the ICC becoems an unfair institution.

  6. JB says:

    What acts? Remember the charge was racism. With the charge of Harbhajan reduced, Hogg should have got the same 50% fine. But that charge was dropped – so unless it gets reopened nothing will happen. In hindsight I guess the Indians probally shouldn’t have dropped it. They probally would have won.

  7. Reem Saied says:

    Hi Jb, i was referring to Aniche’s recalling Mcgrath/slater incidents/.

    The only reason Kumble withdrew the Hogg charge was because he wanted to reach out to Ponting as a token of goodwill.
    Ponting having no statesmanship skills refused to withdraw (I guess he wanted Harbhajjan out of tests as he kept getting out to him).
    Am sure if instead of Ponting, the captain was Michael Vaughan of England, the incident would have been burried on the field itself.

    The key point I am making is:

    1. Monkey is not racist by any stretch of the Indian imagination
    just as
    Bastard is not abuse by any stretch of the Aussie imagination

    2. If Harbhajjan is banned, then Hogg too must be banned

    3. Symonds himself hypocritically said, and I quote-
    “If you know me well you can have a joke to me about anything and any part of racism and I’ll laugh. I mean, I’m not sensitive about it but if I’m not your friend, if you’re an opposition player or something like that, it is unacceptable.” (See:,22049,23043967-5006069,00.html).

    4. Allow all kinds of verbal comments on the field or ban everything.
    No selective bans /pardons.

    Symonds by being a kid, has still not realized that he probably has lost millions of dollars by not withdrawing his charges as no IPL sponsor would touch him with a tent pole now. The IPL is the richest cricket event in history making World Series and even the ICC World Cup look poverty stricken. Until Sydney, Aussie cricketers were the favored players by Indian sponsors with even retired Aussie cricketers netting million$ contracts.

  8. JB says:

    I wish the Aussie crickets would tear up their ICL contracts.

  9. Reem Saied says:

    They may tear up the ICL contract, but don’t think they will tear the IPL one. Am sure Symonds is already negotiating with the BCCI for a fat contract. If required am sure he will prostrate before the BCCI just to get the contract.

  10. JB says:

    Things haven’t stooped to your level yet.

  11. Reem Saied says:

    Don’t take it personally. Its not my fault that Symonds hates sportive spirit and starts abusing.

  12. Yasir Hasan says:

    I read Viv Richards biography and he wrote (not the exact words). Aussies are the worst cry babies ever. They act like real bullies but once it is done with them they do all the crying in the world…He is sssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooo very right….

  13. Matthew YOung says:

    As much as I hate harbajan and like the aussies, I don’t agree with the aussies about complaining about this. honestly monkey is only racist is the USA. In commonwealth countries English vernacular it simply means ‘Silly’ i.e. silly monkey, silly goose etc etc. Unless harbajan says, “hey, you are ___ colour and you are an inferior human being” then that would be racist. It’s a shame that dumb shit from America leeches it’s way into our society too and people who are non-white use it as a anti-racism tool.

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