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"Names and attributes must be accommodated to the essence of things, and not the essence to the names, since things come first and names afterwards." – Galileo

Never mind the French Open…

ROGER FEDERER is most definitely the GREATEST tennis player in the history of the game.

He lost one match…big deal. 3 French Open Finals in a row and 4 French Open Semi-Finals in a row is enough testament to his Clay Court ability. Nadal is the greatest Clay Court Specialist… so its only fitting that Rafa won the French 4 in a row. Think about this: it takes a NADAL to beat Federer on clay..Federer is that good (regardless of the 3 set drubbing).

But FEDERER has won the AUSTRALIAN, WIMBLEDON and U.S.OPEN title in the SAME calender year..THREE TIMES!!! Not Laver, Not Borg, not Sampras, not McEnroe, Not Becker, Not Edberg, Not Emerson, Not Lendl, Not Wilander Nor Agassi…no one has ever come close to this feat. One is good, Two is superb, but Three is just GREAT.

NOW add the 3 French Open Finals in a row to the 4 US Open titles in a row and 5 Wimblesons in a row, and you can understand why Roger Federer is simply, the Greatest tennis player in the history of the game.



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2 Responses

  1. Kaiser says:

    Pathetic article dude !!!

    You think Federer is the greatest but he is not . Nadal is now the only player to have 3 slams in 3 different courts at the same time . He has , time and again , proved you critics wrong and owned roger federer putting your claims that federer is the greatest to the bin.

    Federer is a wimp , crybaby who cant accept nadal is way better than him now. While nadal is still learning , Federer is a complete player . God knows wat will happen to Federer when Nadal accomplishes mastery over the game . Maybe 3 bagels in every court they meet ?

    Federer cud jus dominate cos the field was weak and Nadal of the 2005-2006 was jus a newbie . Had nadal been of the same age as Federer , Federer wud ve had only 7-8 slams now.

    And regardin the rivalry , dont make a mockery of yourself by calling it a rivalry . It’s way too one-sided to be called a rivalry .

    Vamos Rafa !!

    • Reem Saied says:

      geez… ur looking at an article written almost a YEAR BACK (June 9, 2008)… when nadal HAD NOT EVEN WON WIMBLEDON leave alone HARD COURT SLAM!!!

      when this article was written, Nadal had ONLY CLAY COURT SLAMS… the date SAYS JUNE 9 2008!!!!
      why dont u read the latest article and comment on those?

      Its like criticizing NASA for not going to the Moon by commenting on a newspaper article in 1950s!

      maybe u need some coffee.

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