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There is NO recession in Online Ad Spend..regardless of what TechCrunch says!

What on EARTH is TechCrunch trying to do? It has put up an article (with a prominent link/graph) form homepage saying: “the online ad recession is officially here”

On first glance it looks HORRIBLE …with almost a 50% crash in ad revenues… ALL hell to be broken loose in the online ad world which due its performance measures was supposed to be “recession proof” at least to a certain extent.

But on closer inspection of the ridiculous “chart” tells a different story. The author of the post, Erick Schonfeld , has published a chart with the vertical axis zooming from  7500 making the 2% year-on-year drop look like almost 50%!!!

But when you take the data and start axis at 0, which is the RIGHT WAY, we find there is very TINY fall in ad spend..nothing to panic about compared to tv/print spends.

Here is the chart with the zoom as published (as yet uncorrected) in TechCrunch:

TechCrunch misleading chart

And here is how the chart must ACTUALLY look when plotted correctly:


Clearly the data is being misrepresented to “make a point” as the author confesses. WHAT POINT?

And why is TechCrunch not correcting the chart as many readers in the comments have requested?

This is not good journalism!

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