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How India must fight back.

First, the 3 day attack on India’s financial capital – Mumbai on Nov 26-29, was not just a terrorist strike.

This was an act of WAR.

Anyone who saw the events captured on TV and heard the interviews with NSG commandos, knows by now that these militants were no run of the mill suicide bombers who have been plaguing India for years. They were not even “fidayeen” suicide squads. These militants seem to be highly trained “military commando” type who were actually thinking of escaping BACK to “wherever they came from” instead of “dying” for their stupid cause.  As the NSG commandos said, it is not easy to manage grenades and Ak-47s/56s with such precision. And they knew the layouts of the Taj Mahal Hotel like the back of their hands, which requires sophisticated planning.  Taking the marine route is the height of their audacity. These militants are ruthless, psychotic, serial killers.

The country which harbors such militants and openly allows their training must be made to pay.

And they will pay.

But attacking the terrorist camps in Pakistan and PoK is the easy part. Using the IMF loan to Pakistan as a carrot for Paki Military & their evil ISI to stop infiltration is also easy. US/UK/Israel/India bombing terrorist camps all across Pak and PoK is also easy. All of this will be done and must be done.

But India needs to do something else to ensure these terrorist strikes never happen.

And this is the hard part.

India needs to overhaul the electoral process to ensure the same old politicians and political parties NEVER AGAIN come to power. EVER.


To do so, India first needs to ensure a level playing field for honest, dedicated, educated, visionary young politicians to STAND for elections and more important: CAMPAIGN to the masses with their ideas. Secondly, India needs to ensure EVERYONE can easily register and vote.

This is because the bigger political parties use thugs and laundered money to campaign and campaigning in such a huge country is so EXPENSIVE that not many can afford it. And due to miles- long lengthy queues not many educated people vote.

What can India do?

India needs to ensure CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM and a PRESIDENTIAL form of Democracy.

1. ONLY individuals can DONATE to political parties. No company or business must be allowed to donate.

2. The MAXIMUM an individual can donate is Rs 5000 for Federal Elections and Rs 2000 for State Elections.

3. EVERY candidate needs to submit audited files showing the total sum collected and no. of individuals (and their Pan Card ID) along with bills for expenses during the campaign.

4. ANY Indian citizen with a passport is AUTOMATICALLY allowed to vote in ANY city he lives. No more “constituency electoral rolls”.

5. Internet voting will be allowed for Passport holders as every passport has a unique ID. People can vote form the comfort of their homes, offices or browsing centers. Families can organize “mini” voting booths to ensure all relatives are voting. This will also ensure Indians apply and get their passports (many don’t due to laziness).

6. Federal elections will no longer be based on the “constituency” part. The President will be elected directly by the public.  All elective and executive powers of the PM is transferred to the President. This ensures all the crappy constituency vote bank politics ends.  The “Parliamentary” system is a proven failure, and the US Presidential system a proven success (not surprising since the Founding Fathers of the US were a product of European Enlightenment).The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha simply change into the Senate and Congress. The world’s largest democracy desperately needs the model of the world’s OLDEST and MOST SUCCESSFUL democracy (proof: liberal democrat Barack Obama, the son of a black immigrant from Sub-Saharan African  descent wins in a “conservative white” majority nation where even elite “liberal whites” like John Kerry find it hard to win). While its difficult for a “presidential” system to change to a “parliamentary” form, the reverse is pretty easy.

7. Parallel to online voting, the Indian govt. must ensure low priced, wireless broadband connections of 100mbps speed to the public from BSNL/MTNL. Currently, broadband is “artificially priced” highly. Internet and information empowers a nation like no other. Ensures individuals can campaign during an election at significantly low costs and even raise funds via the medium. This will completely change the political landscape and throw up highly educated leaders.

Once Indian electoral process is reformed, the rest like economic, labour, law and most important -DEFENSE and INTERNAL SECURITY reform will easily follow as the root cause of all evils is the corrupt political cartel. India is simply too populous for a “parliamentary” form of governance as accountability is lost. And without accountability there will NEVER be reform.

This is the HARD way in which India needs to fight back. And this will guarentee peace & security. All the tools are there: free press, media, public mood for change. Radical political reform can happen with sustained pressure, and a 2/3rd vote in parliament. Public can force the issue with their “MPs” to vote for Presidential form of democracy and Electoral reform.

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