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Three Lessons from Indian News Media: the IPL, Modi, Tharoor & Sunanda fiasco.

Lessons from Indian News Media:

1. “If you are an intelligent, suave, well read, hardworking & good looking politician with a vocabulary & charisma that makes us News channel ‘journalists’ look like Feral children chewing microphones, we will do everything in our power to bring you down due to sheer envy. We especially don’t like the fact that you get respect from world leaders and the United Nations.”

"Shashi Tharoor"

Shashi Tharoor UN

2. “You shall NEVER refuse to give us a share of the IPL ad revenues worth $millions, even if we don’t deserve a penny. Else, we dig up dirt from your college even if its decades ago, & falsely accuse you of hiding taxes & slush funds. And…ummm.. we actually don’t care that you created a sports brand worth $3 Billion from nothing in 2 years, unlocking idle funds from industrialists & contributing to job creation.”

"Lalit Modi"

Lalit Modi IPL

3. “If you are a woman who is even remotely good looking, you will NEVER get our respect for your work. You will always remain a sex object, no matter how much ‘sweat’ you put into a business”.

Sunanda Pushkar

Sunanda Pushkar

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