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It’s HAPPENING at the Box Office

Can you believe it? Night destroys Hulk during the weekend.

The Happening has smashed all so-called movie reviewers and emerged with a solid $62 Million box office gross worldwide. Since the movie budget is small at around $60 Million, the movie has an awesome 103% Gross to Budget ratio, a surefire way to ensure the movie is profitable.

In contrast, the “not so incredible” Hulk struggled to a mere 57% Gross to Budget ratio since even an $85.5 Million worldwide haul means the movie will struggle to be profitable because of its mammoth $150 Million budget.

Manoj Night Shyamalan has done it again at the box office. The fact that the movie has an “R” rating, makes the Happening’s box office gross all the more amazing. And considering how terrible “Lady in the Water” was, it shows the director’s mettle in bouncing back. Maybe he should change his name to Manoj “Phoenix” Shyamalan.

In fact the world’s only Pulitzer Prize winning critic, Roger Ebert has given the movie a superb review and makes it a must see movie for the different way in which the director has handled the genre. While The Happening got 3 stars from Roger Ebert, The Hulk got just 2.5 stars.

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