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India to unveil a new National Broadband Plan?

According to reports in new media (click to read GTB’s report on the same) India’s telecom minister, Mr. Kapil Sibal is all set to unveil a blueprint for India’s National Broadband Plan within next 2 months. The idea is to connect 160 million households with high-speed internet connections by 2014.  There is widespread support in the country  for such initiatives from  stakeholders like online publishers, media owners, agencies, students, consumers as well as industry bodies like the IAMAI which has been diligently pushing for a National Broad Plan with the  Indian Government and The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (or TRAI).

Check out the key statement in the IAMAI press release on the same issue (dated 22 July, 2010).

The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has said that an independent agency can ensure national broadband connectivity across the country within 36 months. This was said by the association in its response to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) new set of recommendations on the National Broadband Plan 2010. IAMAI fully supports TRAI’s recommendations brought out in the consultation paper on National Broadband Plan. IAMAI is of the view that the TRAI proposal alongside and in parallel with the developments in the market place viz., arrival of 3G and BWA will be able to bring in a true broadband revolution in India.

Click on the link to Download and read the full TRAI  Consultation paper on National Broadband Plan

GTB’s report confirms that the Minister for Communications and Information Technology has consulted industry representatives to finalise the framework for the NBP and develop a strategy to roll out optical fibre.  According to the NBP, the fibre network will be FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGED AS A NATIONAL RESOURCE!!!

This is superb news for the entire Digital Industry in India.

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