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"Names and attributes must be accommodated to the essence of things, and not the essence to the names, since things come first and names afterwards." – Galileo

U2’s BONO is writing for the NYTimes

Read the opinion piece by Bono here: Notes From the Chairman

But is Salman Rushdie ghost-writing for BONO?

Highly unlikely, but when I read the lines:  “…I’m in a crush in a Dublin pub around New Year’s. Glasses clinking clicking, clashing crashing in Gaelic revelry: swinging doors, sweethearts falling in and out of the season’s blessings, family feuds subsumed or resumed. Malt joy and ginger despair are all in the queue to be served on this, the quarter-of-a-millennium mark since Arthur Guinness first put velvety blackness in a pint glass.”..

… I felt Bono is highly influenced by the Rushdie rhythm in his prose. Especially the phrase…”glasses clinkin clicking, clashing crashing…”… the grammar, the style classic Rusdhie.

But then Bono is also a good friend of Salman Rushdie…and must have internalised the style if his writing…and probably inspired by it.

But I won’t be surprised if Rushdie read the piece before it got published….and gave a few tips.

But hey, being a Rushdie fan, am not complaining. Its refreshing to get Bono’s views on anything…especially in the NYTimes which is on the verge on bankruptcy , and so is trying hard to lure more readers. (It even started selling front page for the first time).

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