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"Names and attributes must be accommodated to the essence of things, and not the essence to the names, since things come first and names afterwards." – Galileo

And The Reichstag is set on Fire

Jobless youth.

A fertile soil.

They want everything.

But not with toil.


Whip up a frenzy. “Audience equals money”.

“Don’t worry, its temporary”.

Feed them daily. The Twin Drugs.

A spoon of Fear and a plate of Anxiety.


Oh Propaganda Propaganda!

A Brilliant Disguise.

Here comes Big Media.

Breaking News! Whither the Wise?


Create Panic first. Then Anger.

“Now hate the Foreign Witch.”

Print in Color. Malign in Black or White.

“But bring down this popular sonnova bitch!”


No Reason, No Thought.

Hungry Mobs. Pack of Wolves.

“Change Change” “Our Time is Now”.

Mass Hysteria. Weapons they sought.


The witch-hunt begins.

“THEY don’t BELONG here”.

The pogrom is relentless.

“Get them outta here”.


“Viva La Revolucion” is the shrill war cry.

“These Liberals and artists”.

“They are Different and not us”.

Imaginary Enemies. Hang them out to dry.


And The Reichstag is set on Fire.


Flames of Fury.

Screams of Pain

Agony and Ecstasy.

A Victory in Vain.


Silence is deafening.

No Audience to Reach.

Blood and Tombstones.

The New Reich.


A Nation consumed.

By Force and Hatred.

A false history we hope,

We never created.

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