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Sarah Palin Newsweek Cover

Check out the latest Sarah Palin cover in Newsweek Magazine. While a lot of conservatives and feminists are criticizing this photo as “sexist” or “gender biased”… its actually no different than Obama’s bare chested photo published recently across newspapers, magazines and the world wide web.

I feel the magazine actually shows more than Sarah’s “Miss Alaska” figure. It actually humanizes her a bit and will actually help her in the 2012 elections. Her book “Going Rogue” is already a best seller, her Facebook page has crossed a million fans and she is generating lots of buzz while Obama is facing flak for the economy, bowing to monarchs (republican criticism is focused on this) etc.

In other words, 2008 was a good election to lose, while 2012 onwards economy would recover and Palin can reap the benefits of the buzz in the run up to that year’s presidential elections. She might use the Bill Clinton “its the economy stupid” line and romp home to an easy victory making her (and not Hillary), America’s first female president.

If not her speeches, the GOP must be hoping that at least her looks can get them the crucial independent & undecided voters support in 2012.

Sarah Palin Newsweek Cover

Sarah Palin Newsweek Cover


Check the original Sarah Palin photo shoot at Runner’s World Magazine

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