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Top 5 Indipop Music Albums

  1. Sifar – Lucky Ali
  2. Sunoh – Lucky Ali
  3. Vande Mataram – A.R. Rahman
  4. Colonial Cousins – Hariharan & Lesle Louis
  5. Aks – Lucky Ali

One of the criteria I have used to filter my list is that each and every song in the album must be good, and worth listening to repeatedly. Many Indipop albums in the 90s boom era had just one or two “hit” singles and the rest of the album was garbage.
Just realised three of my favourite five Indipop albums involve Lucky Ali. Such was his impact and “Sifar” remains India’s first true concept album till date.

Do note that two quality albums – “Duur” by Strings and “Azadi” by Junoon – are also fantastic independent music albums, but they are technically “Pakipop” and to qualify as true “Indipop” am only listing the top 5 which were produced in India.

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